About Us


The Red Thread Center is your local center to gather with friends, old and new, in creative, meaningful and purposeful ways.  

Friends of the Red Thread Center have the opportunity to participate in classes, workshops, meetups, trainings, groups and individual counseling sessions.  The “What” of the Red Thread is an evolution based on the interests and needs of the community. So, check our event calendar often to see what pops up and sparks your curiosity.


Why The Red Thread Center?  Well, that’s a loaded question.  

Through my work as a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), I’m fortunate to be exposed to the science, trends and ideas about personal well being, positive mental health, a life worth living.  I’m also fortunate that I spend most of my days, one on one, working with people and learning about them and from them. I’m always looking at my own life, my needs, my failures, my sadness and joy and trying to connect the dots as to how I can truly live my best life during my short time on this planet.  What I’ve come to believe and hold true is most of our day to day existence is just this crazy human experience where we participate in roles and societal expectations and based on our success or failures in these areas, holds the key to our happiness. But what’s truer than that is, without each other, without connection with one another, everything is pretty meaningless.  

Society has changed at a rapid rate.  We’ve slowly begun to disconnect from one another by no fault of our own.  We didn’t see it coming. We didn’t know the impact of social media, smart phones, technology, bigger houses, better transportation options, the ease of modern conveniences, would have on our connections.  On the outside, it looks like we are better connected, but on the inside, we are becoming further and further from one another.  

So, The Red Thread Center was born…it’s way less serious than maybe the last couple of paragraphs present.  

It’s a gathering place.  A place where we can be curious about things, try out new hobbies, habits, and ideas in a welcoming and comfortable environment.  A place where we learn more about ourselves through connecting with each other, while doing a variety of things.


You, me, the guy next store, the lady walking her dog in the park.  It’s your best friend, you aunt Patty, it’s your kids, your spouse, Ha, it’s your x- spouse too.  The Red Thread Center is a place where all people, regardless of age, gender, race, political beliefs or what side of the tracks you come from, can gather as one community, making up an eclectic and diverse bunch of people, you know…kind of like the planet earth. 

Me, Darcy Flierl.  I’m the founder of The Red Thread Center and I provide counseling to individuals here at the center.  I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), a Certified Addictions Professional (CAP) and Qualified Supervisor for the State of Florida (this means I can supervise other therapists while they are obtaining their license).  To learn more about my counseling practice, please visit my website at www.DarcyFlierl.com .

I’m also the main contact here at The Red Thread Center, so if you would like to book space, hold a class or share your talents with the community, I’m your girl.  If you want to register for an offering, or have questions about happenings here at the Red Thread Center, I’m also your girl.

But that’s not all, I’m also simply, Darcy.  I’m a wife and an x-wife, a mom, a daughter, a friend, a former friend too. I’m a traveler, a therapist, adventure-seeker and more.  I’m just a human, learning about being a human and sharing what I learn, as I learn it, in a variety of ways.

The Red Thread is Also…

Our Master Trainers! The amazing humans who have decided to hold space here sharing with the community their talents, skills, and creative interests that add meaning and purpose to their lives.  Check back with us after our March 23, 2020 launch to read more about them. Check out our event calendar to learn more about our Master Trainers and what they are offering.


Location to be revealed soon!